Mike 3rd is a Venetian based European musician and record producer.

Versatile and inspired, he began playing guitar with local teachers but soon after two years, he attended the Thelonious Jazz School  in Vicenza (Italy) and studied with teacher Michele Calgaro and later on with vocal coach Cheryl Porter.

Mike’s first band was Hypnoise, an experimental project that began in 1996. Mike brought to life two studio albums and a charity single with them.

In 1998, Mike 3rd and Hypnoise hired internationally renowned record producer Ronan Chris Murphy to produce their first album, “Opium,” and brought in King Crimson‘s Warr Guitarist Trey Gunn to perform on the album. Mike’s collaboration with Murphy continued and, a few years later, Murphy produced their next album “St.Valentine’s Porno Bar” featuring singer Cheryl Porter; the album was presented in London and Los Angeles under Murphy’s independent label Veneto West Records and distributed worldwide thanks to DGM / Inner Knot.

As mentioned, thanks to art director Michele Gervasuti, “St. Valentine’s Porno Bar” was presented on February 14th, 2006 in London’s famous Blacks Club.

In the meantime Mike 3rd participated in two 45-hour nonstop jam sessions, where he played  with great musicians such as Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto. One year later he was invited in Phoenix to join another “Supersession of 33 hours and 1/3” where he played again with Pat Mastelotto, Wilie Oteri, Skinny Bishop and many other great musicians.

In 2008, Mike 3rd followed the advice of his friend Jane Geerts, who is also Brian Eno’s business manager, and began his career as a record producer.

From that point on there was no return. Mike produced an album by Italian progressive band Altare Thotemico who was nominated with the album best debut at Italian Prog Awards.

In 2009  Mike 3rd created a new band, EXKGB, with drummer Alberto Stocco (Web Site) and Stickman Emanuele Cirani.

Also at this time he began a charity campaign to help Greenpeace and the Italian Association for Cancer Research … the idea was to help research with independent music sold online.

With a solo song featuring Cheryl Porter on vocals and the bands Hypnoise and EXKGB he brought to life three singles: “A little poem for the Sea”, an acoustic ballad featuring Ms. Porter on vocals, “In The Twilight” from Hypnoise, as well as the debut of the brand new EXKGB group with the song “Dangerous Toys”. All three singles were produced by Mike’s favorite record producer, Ronan Chris Murphy.

At the end of 2010, after touring Italy with EXKGB, Mike’s collaboration with Alberto Stocco brought to life Tunatones, a fresh rockabilly trio with Alessandro Arcuri on upright bass. Alessandro Arcuri had also been a member of the last Hypnoise line up.

In 2011 Mike launched the second and last edition of the charity campaign with two brand new songs, “Brightness Comes” by EXKGB and “Fifteen Days”, A sensual soul rock song released on iTunes by Mike 3rd featuring Alberto Stocco.

In 2012 the “volcanic” musician and record producer creates a non-profit cultural association in the name of his great-grandfather, Tenor Pietro Prosdocimi, Prosdocimi Music Academy.  Both the Academy and Prosdocimi Records are a music school and promotion record label created to help young talent and young bands looking for exposure.

In the meantime, the work with the bands Tunatones and EXKGB keeps goin’ on in fact, in the first days of 2013, the artists record their soon to be released new album.

After the success of the first debut album “iTunas“, Tunatones are actually promoting their second studio release titled “Vulcano”. After almost two years EXKGB finally brought to life their second studio album titled “False Hope Corporation“, produced by Ronan Chris Murphy, which will be released November 2013.

December 2013 Mike 3rd was hired with Alberto Stocco and Alessandro Arcuri by British singer / songwriter Jasmine Rodgers to be part of her new band. They’ve played their first gig Dec. 22nd.

After one year of work, finally, 2014 October 4th, in Venice (Italy) during the Music Biennale, presentation of the new album feat. Benny Greb, Pat Mastelotto, Alberto Stocco, Alessandro Arcuri, Roberta Canzian and may others wonderful musicians.

Stay Tuned!