Record Producer Mike 3rd

Alcuni mesi orsono sono stato deliziato nel produrre i Syncage con il loro nuovo album ”Unlike Here” al Prosdocimi Recording Studio.
Musicisti talentuosi, ragazzi simpatici, musica molto interessante e coinvolgente!
Ronan Chris Murphy ha masterizzato l’album che ho registrato e missato in totale dominio analogico senza automazione!
Ora: Questa band Italiana ha firmato il contratto con l’etichetta Britannica “Bad Elephant Music” e sono strafelice!
L’album suona alla grande e la musica è bellissima.
Mi sembra che Ronan Chris Murphy  abbia detto qualcosa come “è come se Porcupine Tree e Radiohead abbiano avuto un bimbo assieme”

Ma c’è anche molto di più! Che “Unlike here” abbia posto nella vostra collezione di dischi!!!



Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce the latest addition to their lineup, eclectic Italian progressive quartet Syncage.

Matteo and Ricardo Nicolin, Matteo Graziani and Daniele Tarabini have been making music together for almost ten years, but the last few years have seen a sudden swell of productivity, starting with 2014’s ‘Hellhound’ single and ‘Italiota’ EP; now, over a year in the making, their first full album, ‘Unlike Here’, is set to showcase the band’s uniquely experimental fusion of jazz, metal, ambience, and classic Italian prog. Mixed by the legendary Mike 3rd and mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy, and sporting superb artwork and photography by Leonardo Guerra, ‘Unlike Here’ is an explosion of finely honed creativity of the sort BEM has come to champion.

Matteo Nicolin says of the partnership: “We are extremely honoured and grateful to become part of the BEM family. We believe music should be a free, no-compromise artistic and creative journey, to be carried out within the context of friendship, lack of prejudice and willingness to integrate. Bad Elephant Music perfectly matches with such intentions – it’s so refreshing and beautiful to know that there are people who see music under this very light.”

David Elliott of BEM adds: “This is the kind of music we love here at BEM. It’s rare for a band’s output to be this varied and still maintain a strong sense of style, but these guys pull it off, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you.”

‘Unlike Here’ will be released in early May.

Twitter: @syncageband