Mike 3rd "Lost"

We did not had news of this wonderful review  when “The War Is Not Over” was released. It’s wondeful to read such an appreciation while working on the new album as well as other new interesting opportunities.

Here is the review in English:

MIKE 3rd “The War Is Not Over” Prosdocimi / Ma.ra.cash

The legacy of progressive music in our country is so intense that it continues to churn out really remarkable surprises, like this album by Mike 3rd that explores some of the most progressive frontiers of progressive music, fully embodying the spirit of “push the envelope” that perfectly represents the essence.
Guitarist of the Vicenza area, active in various situations in years, Mike comes with this album (recorded in full analog domain) to a very considerable artistic maturity and international flavor, bringing the soul from prog to space rock and cleverly spicing it with contemporary atmospheres and cultures that, from the post-rock, go to certain sounds dear to the excursions in the rock of Zorn; with “oblique guitars”, uncommon time signatures, sudden changes of scene and irresistible grooves assisted by guests such as Tony Levin and Pat Mastellotto, among many others.
The theme is noble and reminds some Waters inspirations: the first world war, the most bloody in terms of casualties, told for music, texts and images in a graphic look as ever sought: booklet in style bound with string, trench notes …
This edition in double vinyl collected in a hand-stitched camouflage bag also makes it a precious and collectable object, even if, to us, what we want to report, is one of the best prog rock albums of recent times.
Massimo Marchini
- Rockerilla -