Mike 3rd in Las Vegas

Quarantine causes multiple jobs, emotional thrusts, impervious adventures.

So, I decided to start a new periodic project. Periodic like magazines, or like salmon rising from the ocean to the rivers.

It will be called “Quarantini” and this will be volume one.

A periodic collection of unreleased songs written outside the context of an official record, or an adventure with a band, or just crazy ideas.

There is just one rule: I will always play all the instruments, from drums, to bass, to the piano/keyboards as well as guitars and vocals. Maybe someday I’ll learn to play the violin too!

Since this quarantine has delayed the advent of my new album “La Vie” (a very complex piece of music), I will give you “Quarantini Vol I”.

From this date, all my music, for listening, downloading, buying or donating, will be available in one place only, Bandcamp, at the following address: https://mike3rd.bandcamp.com (or, in addition, in record stores)

No more Spotify, no more Apple Music or other Silicon Valley platforms that have no respect at all for the work of musicians.

Thank you from the heart if you will support my choice and my work as an artist.